Sentinel Blackbelt – Single channel, multi-port leak, flow, and blockage test instrument

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The Sentinel Blackbelt is a high-precision benchtop instrument providing unmatched flexibility in a proven, standard platform. Popular formedical device leak, flow, and blockage testing度Blackbelt和其他应用程序can reduce the footprint, complexity and overall cost of your leak test.

The instrument is configured to meet your test requirements. Choose from a vast array of test types and options of one, two, three or four sequential test ports along with many other configurable capabilities. The Blackbelt can operate anything from single tests to multiple tests in a user-programmed sequence. Combined with its ability to control up to 8 independent pneumatic actuation valves or 8 independent tooling motions with feedback, one instrument can do the work of multiple testers and often negate the need for a PLC, offering a cost-effective approach to testing.

  • Designed to deliver accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurement
  • Flexible and customizable to adapt to the needs of your production line
  • Offers multiple ways to export test data for process intelligence
  • Easy to set up through its color display or through a PC interface withCTSnet LT software

Configurable for Multiple Tests Using Pressure Decay, Vacuum Decay or Mass Flow Test

The Blackbelt offers the broadest range of test types in the Sentinel family. More than one test type can be performed by a single instrument.
  • Pressure & Vacuum Decay LeakEthernet/IP and PROFINET
  • Differential Pressure & Vacuum Decay Leak(New!)
  • Sealed Component Leak
  • Blockage/Occlusion
  • Mass Flow
  • Volume Verification
  • Part Pressure Verification
  • Proof
  • Burst
  • Check Valve Cracking Pressure

Versatility Enhanced by Selectable Parameters

  • Quick Test
  • Test Pressure Level Compensation (selectable on/off)
  • Adjustable Environmental Drift Correction per test program
  • User-configurable program linking for your multi-test application
  • Storage for 99 user-programmed unique test sequences
  • Test Program can be selected through the front panel interface, RS232, Binary I/O, or Ethernet communication
  • Test result evaluation is Selectable (Fail/Pass/Fail etc.)
  • Test result output format is configurable

Blackbelt fixture imageAutomate your leak testing with a turnkey test solution controlled by a Sentinel Blackbelt instrument

Reduce operator effort and increase efficiency with an automated leak and flow benchtop test system for medical devices.
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Manage your Blackbelt on your PC


度Blackbelt包括的最新版本many new features that further expand the instrument’s versatile functionality including:
  • Now available with Differential Pressure! The only DP multiport test instrument on the market, this option allows increased resolution, decreased variation, and shorter test times
  • Flow range expansion of standard flow sensors for better accuracy of specific applications
  • New modular manifold with longer life at 40M cycles reduces instrument maintenance.
  • Increased I/O: 12 inputs/12 outputs with up to 8 programmable tooling motions with feedback
  • Added CTS Connect actuation capabilities for additional seal options.
  • Integration with CTSnet PC-based software provides you with a remote interface for test program setup and debugging
  • PROFINET now available, along with EtherNet/IP to expand communications support of industry-leading PLC interfaces

Advanced Features

  • Powerful 32-bit processor & 24–bit A/D converter
  • Industry best pressure measurement accuracy 0.05% full-scale resolution 0.00001 psig absolute, 0.000001 psig differential (optional)
  • Mass flow measurement accuracy 0.5% full-scale and resolution 0.01 sccm (optional)
  • Multi-point pressure transducer calibration
  • XY Graphing (pressure, loss, or flow vs. time) via color graphic LCD 480 x 272 display
  • All menus are user selectable in English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean & German
  • Modular pneumatic test manifolds designed for internal test volume consistency from instrument to instrument and future upgrade flexibility
  • Linking of multiple programs into conditional sequences
  • Expanded instrument control through EtherNet/IP™ or PROFINET communication
  • Single test channel, with multiple sequential test port options (maximum of 4)
  • Light ring indicators per test port identifies test port status Pass/Fail/In-test
  • Barcode scanner ready input via RS232 allows scanned alpha-numeric string tied to test result

Standard Features

  • Auto setup, verifies test pressure and selects the best test timers for optimum results in the allowed time cycle (US Patent #7,594,424 B2)
  • Auto Program Calibration permits easy conversion of pressure change to a leak rate
  • External leak Standard port
  • “Performance factor” Program Calibration feedback ensures test capability and quality
  • Manual edit of Program Calibration is permitted
  • Self Test isolates the test instrument pneumatics to verify absence of internal leakage conditions
  • Firmware validation document included
  • Compact benchtop footprint: 9” W x 11.25” H x 15” D

Test Pressure Ranges

-14.5, -2, 0.5, 2, 10, 30, 100, 200, 400, 500, 1000 (psig)

Mass Flow Ranges

From 0.5 sccm to 250 slm target flow rates, CTS will optimize the flow sensor & flow range per application.

User-Selectable Units of Measure (instrument-wide or per-program)

  • Pressure units:psig, psiv, inH2O, cmH2O, mmH2O, kg/cm2, ATM, inHg, cmHg, mmHg, kPa, Pa, MPa, Bar, mBar, Torr
  • Flow units:sccm, sccs, scch, slpm, slps, slph, scfm, scfs, scfh
  • Time units:sec, msec, min

External Setup and Control through PC interface

  • Utilize CTSnet LT interfaced through Ethernet PC connection to:
  • Change and save program parameters
  • Modify instrument configuration
  • Evaluate test pressure and flow curves graphically during test
  • Copy & paste programs

Tooling Control

  • Expanded instrument control through EtherNet/IP™ or PROFINET communication
  • 12 inputs/12 outputs with up to eight programmable tooling motions with feedback
  • Optional CTS Connect/tooling pneumatic actuator ports (8 pneumatic outputs maximum)
  • Tooling I/O is externally connected
  • I/O 24 VDC – optional I/O cable (Cable,CTS, P56-540)

Test Data Storage

  • Up to 5000 LIFO part results internal storage including Date / Time / Barcode / Test Results
  • Selectable part serialization or lot code in the test data stream
  • SPC data tracking for part traceability
  • Expandable download through USB port
  • External test data storage and wave form analysis through interface with theQualityWorX CTS DataHub
  • Key lock or password protected program, calibration and data security

Available Options

  • Low test volume manifold
  • Ramping test capabilities (burst, cracking event, proof)
  • Sealed part/volumetric test capabilities
  • Multiple pressure/vacuum sources
  • Electronic regulators with multi-point calibration
  • Internal Venturi vacuum generator
  • Automatic supply shutoff for tank-supplied gasses
  • Internal CTS Connect/tooling actuation valves (8 maximum)

The most functionality in a benchtop leak test instrument

All CTS instruments include key lock or password-protected program, calibration and test result storage. All are CE certified and carry a two-year limited warranty. Normal delivery for a standard Blackbelt instrument is 4-6 weeks plus delivery time.app华体会网址 to select the proper standard test instrument for your application.

CTS has more than 30 years of experience perfecting high precision, repeatable and reliable instruments to optimize the most demanding leak test applications in any manufacturing environment. CTS application engineers can help you develop a unique solution specifically suited to your needs.

You can trust CTS to provide you with the right solution to fit your specific testing requirement.


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