Leak Detection Equipment

Gas leak detection equipment uses gas or air, along with pressure or vacuum power, to detect leaks and other defects in components. During routine testing for leaks, a component is placed in a pressurized chamber that is then filled with traceable gas or air. If there is a leak, it will cause the gas to move from a high pressure to a low pressure and generates a turbulent flow that is sensed by the gas leak detection equipment. This type of routine testing is widely used for industrial applications to ensure a sound structure in critical components and assemblies in the prototype stage and after production.

Our offerings include a full line of standard leak detection equipment and provide custom-built leak test systems that are tailored to your unique requirements. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

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Leak Detection Systems Provide Reliability for Routine Testing

For over 30 years, CTS has been a world leader in today's market for high quality leak test instrumentation. Our industrial gas leak detection equipment features advanced designs, features, and test algorithms and is conveniently offered in standard and compact options. Leak detection systems from CTS provide the speed, reliability, and repeatable results you need for air leakage testing, gas leakage testing, and any other industrial leak test application.

Sentinel Gas Leak Detection Equipment

At CTS, we take leak testing seriously. We’ve gained loyal customers all around the world by providing engineered gas leak detection equipment, leak test instrumentation, and air flow devices that operate accurately and reliably.

Our popular, high performance Sentinel family of leak detection equipment includes a range of solutions that makes it easy to find the right leak test device for your unique needs.
Choose from our in-stock supply of standard leak test devices orapp华体会网址 for custom-engineered leak detection equipment that can be tailored to meet any leak and/or flow testing requirements.

Considerations for Selecting an Industrial Leak Detection System

selec之前有几个因素需要考虑ting a leak detection system for routine testing. Carefully consider the requirements of your application and the factors below before reviewing our industrial gas leak detection equipment options.
  • Performance: What are the performance requirements for your routine testing? This can include the size and volume of the products being tested, the operating environment where the leak detection system will be installed, and the amount of downtime between testing.
  • Design and Space Requirements: Consider whether your application will we require stationary gas leak detection equipment or a portable option for use throughout the facility. For applications where there is limited space, a compact leak detection system is the ideal choice.
  • Ease of Integration: It is important to select gas leak detection equipment that will easily integrate into your leak detection system.
  • Testing Capabilities: A multi-test configurable leak detection system provides two or more types of testing to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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