Gasket and other Custom Seals

Gaskets seals are installed between two joining parts and use pressure or force to block the leakage of fluids or gas. Custom gasket seals are often flat but can also have a raised shape for sealing large gaps or irregularly shaped parts. Common applications include pipes, pumps, connectors, and other leak test system components.

Cincinnati Test Systems provides gaskets and custom seals in a wide range of models with different thicknesses and dimensions. We manufacture gasket seals in durometers from 15 to 90D shore and in the following material options:

  • Standard urethane material for general purpose applications
  • Premium urethane material providing 50% greater wear life
  • FDA-approved urethane material for medical applications

Find the gasket seals you need from our selection below orapp华体会网址 for more information about custom seals.