Clamshell sealsare designed to seal the outer diameter of a tube or pipe for the prevention of fluid and gas leaks.Gasket sealsalso prevent the passage of fluid and gases and are designed to seal radiators and similar equipment.

Cincinnati Test Systems offers clamshell seals, gasket seals, andcustom sealsfor all leak test and filling applications. Our special seals are manufactured from durable urethane material for a long-lasting, reliable seal, even in the most challenging conditions. We offer special seals in all the standard configurations or we can provide custom seals tailored to your specific requirements.

Special seals are available in three material grades:

  1. Standard grade urethane sealsfor general purpose use
  2. Premium grade urethane sealsprovide 50% greater wear life
  3. FDA和medical-approved聚氨酯密封for food contact and medical device applications

Learn More About Our Custom Seals for Industrial Applications

CTS offers a broad range of clamshell seals and bullet seals to meet your needs. We also providebullet seals,round seals, andcut sealsin a variety of sizes and styles. Request a quote for the custom seals you need, orapp华体会网址 for more information.