Sentinel C20WE Leak Detection Instrumentation

  • Sentinel C20WE World Edition

The Sentinel C20WE is a low-cost pressure decay leak detection instrument that delivers high quality and performance. Sentinel C20 leak test equipment is easy to configure and has small packaging that enables easy integration into product line testing applications.

Sentinel C20WE leak detection systems come in pressure decay and vacuum decay test options and is configurable to meet your requirements for pressure range and reject rate. An intuitive interface and multi-language software make the system global-friendly. The Sentinel C20 line of leak testing equipment has a low-maintenance design and delivers superior performance for testing applications ranging from consumer goods to medical or automotive.

Sentinel C20WE leak test equipment has a "Quik Test" feature that provides a highly reliable test on all parts while shortening the test portion of the cycle time by up to 80%. Throughput on existing test systems can be increased without major investment in fixtures, tooling or operators. On systems that are already running shortened cycle times for all parts, the risk of accepting marginal reject parts is reduced.

Leak Testing Technologies

Single Test Configuration for Pressure or Vacuum Decay Test Requirements

  • Pressure/Vacuum decay-pressure change
  • Pressure/Vacuum decay-with certified mass flow leak standard
  • Pressure/Vacuum decay-pressure change/time
  • Storage for 4 pre-programmed test sequences
  • Test Program can be selected through keypad or binary input
  • Test results evaluation is fixed (Fail/Pass/Fail)
  • Test result output format is fixed

Selectable Test Parameters

  • Quick Test
  • Test Pressure Level Compensation
  • 可调节的环境tal Drift Correction per test program

Advanced Product Features

  • Wall mount configuration 9” W x 6.5” H x 7.25” D
  • Powerful 32-bit processor & 24 –bit A/D converter
  • Language neutral color LCD 6 line 480 x 136 operator display
  • Bar Graph display (pressure, loss, or flow)-English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish
  • Individual LED Pass/Fail/In-test test status indicators
  • Modular pneumatic and control packages
  • Single test channel

Standard Features

  • Auto Calibration includes mass flow leak standard certified for pressure and flow
  • Transducer zero and span are automatically reset during auto calibration
  • “Performance factor” calibration feedback ensures accurate results
  • Manual edit of Calibration Program permitted
  • Self Test isolates the test instrument pneumatics to verify a “no leak” condition
  • Features ensure accurate results and easy operator setup and troubleshooting
  • Firmware validation document included

Standard Test Pressure Ranges
Standard pressure transducer, valve manifolds, and regulator ranges:

-14.5, 15, 100 (PSIG)

  • Optional High cV flow valves and manifold available up to 100 psig range allows 5 times faster fill and exhaust to reduce cycle times on large parts
  • Absolute pressure transducer
  • Two (2) point pressure calibration
  • Data resolution 0.00001 psi/ and scc/m.

Selectable Test Units of Measure

  • Pressure:PSIG, PSIV, inH2O, cmH2O, mmH2O, kg/cm2, ATM, inHg, cmHg, mmHg, kPa, Pa, MPa, Bar, mBar, Torr
  • Flow:Sccm, sccs, scch, slpm, slps, slph, scfm, scfs, scfh
  • Time:秒,msec,分钟
  • Units of measure can be instrument global or per test program
Tooling Control
  • 6 inputs/3 outputs- 1in/1out “seal only” tooling motion - no feedback
  • Tooling I/O is internally connected
  • I/O 24 VDC – optional I/O cable “Cable,CTS, P56-540”

Test Data Storage

  • Up to 5000 LIFO part results including Date / Time / Test Results
  • SPC data tracking for part traceability

Electrical Requirements and Connectivity

  • 88-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz or optional 22-26 VDC
  • RS232(1)
  • ¼” Colder fitting for test line attachment

Learn More About Our High Precision Leak Detection Equipment

Sentinel C20 leak test instruments include password-protected program and test result storage. All CTS instruments are also CE certified and carry a two-year limited warranty. Normal delivery for all standard instruments is two weeks plus delivery time.app华体会网址 to select the proper standard test instrument for your application.

CTS has more than 30 years of experience perfecting high precision, repeatable and reliable instruments to optimize the most demanding leak test applications in any manufacturing environment. Our application engineers can help you develop a custom solution specifically suited to your needs. See the “Custom Instrument” section for a brief overview of our capabilities.

You can trust CTS to provide you with the right solution to fit your specific testing requirement.


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