Automotive Powertrain Testing Systems & Equipment

Since Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) was established in 1981, automotive powertrain has been a dominant theme. CTS has supplied extensive turnkey systems with cutting edge test solutions for powertrain test requirements including hydrostatic or hydraulic pressure, flow or calibration, Helium, Pressure Decay, Mass Flow leak test, signature analysis, or other automated functional testing.

Engine Components and Final Assemblies

Whether the application involves testing an engine block or a complete engine assembly, the SentinelTM family of leak identifying systems and flow instruments paired with CTS’ far reaching turnkey system capabilities equals a winning combination. A comprehensive, holistic approach is applied to developing solutions that exceed the reliability and performance targets of the global engine manufacturers.

Multiple Methods to Test Transmissions

Whether the transmission component or final assembly test specification requires the use functional test or other calibration solutions, CTS has the tools for the best resolution.

Ingenious Sealing Techniques Employed with High Pressure Fuel Rails

When testing today’s automotive fuel rails, pressures exceeding 2200 psig pose unique challenges when designing and building management equipment. CTS has developed and employed patent pending sealing techniques that reduce variation and minimize potential for damaging critical sealing surfaces.

The technology needle is moving rapidly in the world of automotive powertrain. The pace of innovation provides new opportunities which afford CTS the ability to demonstrate how unparalleled experience, unrivaled R&D investment and superior cost effectiveness have propelled CTS into a leadership position.

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