Automotive Test Solutions

Automotive manufacturers need engine test systems that can keep up with the industry’s ever-changing technology and stringent guidelines. Engine manufacturing leak tests ensure the integrity of hoses, gaskets, valves, radiators, batteries, and other components and assemblies. The data from these tests play a critical role in manufacturing traceability both in-line and at the end of the manufacturing line.

The accuracy of these tests depends on several factors. Anything from temperature fluctuations in the testing environment to human error can impact the exactness of automotive manufacturing tests. Using the incorrect test method is also a common issue that causes inaccurate test results.

Leak testing instrumentation offers the sensitivity, accuracy, and traceability needed to comply with today’s tighter manufacturing standards. These instruments use liquids or tracer gas to detect micro leaks in a controlled environment, minimizing the chance for human error and producing more reliable results.

Standard Leak and Flow Instrumentation for Automotive Test Systems

CTS products are designed to offer a full range of leading leak test technologies including but not limited to vacuum and pressure decay, differential, rate of loss, pressure gain, ramp to event burst/proof testing, and more.

Custom and Standard Helium Leak Testing Solutions

We deliver cost-effective and innovative answers to the most complex testing questions in the automotive industry. Whether the application involves LEV II standards, airbags, fuel cells, batteries, and braking systems, CTS is uniquely positioned to offer helium leak testing solutions where the requirements preclude the use ofpressureorflowtechnologies.

Turnkey Electric Vehicle Test Solutions

CTS方法ch toelectric vehicle test equipmentinvolves fully understanding the critical nature of proper tooling and seal design while not losing sight of the importance of efficient material handling. Whether the application involves pressure decay, mass flow or helium leak testing, CTS can tap into the knowledge gained as a result of 30 plus years of automotive experience.

Functional Test and Calibration Systems

CTS designs and builds automated function test and calibration equipment for hydrostatic testing, solenoid calibration, and other automotive applications. Our automotive test systems are integrated into lean cells, palletized systems, or transfer lines, while material handling can be manual or fully automated loading and unloading.

From Headlamp to taillamp on a vehicle, CTS continues to deliver value to our automotive customers by offering innovative and cost-effective test solutions.

Contact CTS For All of Your Standard and Custom Automotive Testing Solutions

For over thirty years, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has earned the position of being recognized as an industry leader in the field of standard and custom test solutions. Exposure to thousands of automotive applications has enabled us to develop a diverse range of core competencies including function, calibration, and leak testing solutions.

We deliver value to the global automotive industry by offering innovative approaches to a wide range of assembly, sub-assembly, or component level testing requirements.app华体会网址 to learn more about how CTS can help with your specific test solution needs.