The sooner you can catch a quality issue on the production line, the less costly it will be. This is the logic behind in-process testing. The key is to capture and visualize as many data points as possible from each cycle of a production process or test.

This yields the insight to identify a quality problem as soon as possible, as close to its point of origin as possible. The result is better quality and, more importantly, better cost management.


An intelligence boost for your production lineSI Edge

Sciemetric’s sigPOD provides manufacturers with a standard off-the-shelf platform for in-process testing that can be easily deployed across the plant using common hardware and software. With sigPOD, the production line can be brought to your desktop with reports that help you find ways to further optimizing the line. This extends from leak test toanytest and virtually all repeatable processes across the plant.

sigPOD’s process signature verification (PSV) softwareThis is achieved with sigPOD’s process signature verification (PSV) software. PSV captures thousands of datapoints during each test or process cycle
for more accurate pass/fail decisions. These datapoints are plotted and visualized as a signature (also referred to as waveforms or traces) on the sigPOD’s screen when the cycle completes. This makes it easy to spot anomalies and determine any required limit adjustments.

These signatures can then be archived for more in-depth data analysis, to compare stations, enable continuous improvement, and deliver the traceability for reliable quality assurance.

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Sciemetric EDGE

Manufacturing and beyond: Your industrial processes perfected

Sciemetric EDGE expands data-driven process monitoring and control across the production line and beyond, to other industrial processes. This universal industrial analytics platform is designed for discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, condition and machine monitoring, and data acquisition and measurement.

作为一个分布式的数据分析系统,SciemetricEDGE eliminates barriers to data collection, with compact modules that make it easy and cost-effective to start with a small deployment and scale up. Processing, analytics, and control functions are remotely configurable. This provides you with centralized management, no matter how distributed your operations.

This is made possible by the combination of configurable hardware and software. Sciemetric EDGE Studio Software delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities that include module discovery and remote deployment, system backup and log retrieval, application creation and management, and data review features that allow you to visualize feature trends, waveform trends, and part/event history records.

All this delivers the in-depth insight to drive productivity improvements and cost savings, with real-time pass/fail control and process monitoring and optimization. Whether your goal is to improve product quality, gain greater process reliability, increase efficiency, or enhance test repeatability, Sciemetric EDGE can help you achieve it in record time.

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