Gas Leak Detection & Gas Handling Equipment

Some types of leak testing involve using tracer gases to locate manufacturing defects in a product. During gas leak detection process, products are placed in a pressurized chamber and filled with a traceable gas. If there are any cracks, weak seals or other defects, the gas will seep though, allowing the location of the defect to be identified.

Using Gas Leak Detection Systems to Prevent Costly Issues

Gas leak detection systems are used by a wide range of industries and are an effective tool for determining product safety. Identifying product defects prior to full production helps verify product integrity, prevent costly issues and recalls, and provide a safer product for consumers.

Helium and other tracer gases are used for testing micro-leaks in numerous industries and applications. Common uses for gas handling equipment and tracer gases include:
The TracerMate II, our leak test and tracer gas management system, allows manufacturers to not only perform leak location, but to do a two step leak location after pressure decay test for a more accurate result.

Tracer gases are valuable commodities and working with and using them properly is important. Our gas leak detection equipment makes the job easier. For over 30 years, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has designed and built gas leak detection systems and gas handling equipment to help our customers detect and diagnose gas leaks in their systems.

We offer a full line of standard and custom-built gas handling technology. Follow the links below for more information orapp华体会网址 to connect with an application specialist.

Working with Helium & Other Tracer Gases

Helium is the most popular tracer gas. Its molecules are among the smallest of any gas, making it ideal for detecting very fine micro-leaks, and it is inert—unlike hydrogen and other common tracer gases—making it safe for use in nearly any application. However, due to an ever-dwindling supply, helium is becomingincreasingly expensive and difficult to obtain。Therefore, helium gas reclaim systems should be a part of any testing system that utilizes tracer gas.

No matter what sort of tracer gas your testing processes use, a gas reclaim/recovery unit can help save money by allowing you to recycle gas.

Gas Leak Detection Systems and Gas Recovery Systems

If you need a tracer gas reclaim or recovery system, Cincinnati Test Systems offers both standard and custom gas handling equipment. With a focus on gas recycling to mitigate the effects of gas leaks and minimize your expenses for valuable helium gas, CTS is prepared to meet your specific project requirements.

Helium and Tracer Gas Reclaim Systems

Tracergas reclaim systemsare used to recycle tracer gas for use in future testing. Reclaiming gas can help reduce costs, especially when using gases such as helium that are typically more expensive due to their scarcity. Our tracer gas recovery systems are available in six models up to 300 psig and designed to provide precision testing and high recovery efficiency up to 98%. Our gas reclaim systems are designed to work with all tracer gases and CTS gas test equipment.

Nitrogen Purge Gas Leak Detection System

Performing differently from other purging technology, CTS'nitrogen purging clamshellreduces tracer gas signals by approximately one decade and can detect leaks as low as 1×10-6scc/s. Our patented technology prevents false failures by setting a reject point lower than the background signal. Works in conjunction with theTracerMate IIgas leak detection system for unrivaled leak testing performance. This gas handling technology is designed for use with nitrogen.

Tracer Gas Charge Systems for Gas Leak Detection

Looking for a versatile tracer gas charge system for evacuation or fill applications? Cincinnati Test Systems offers the dynamic TracerMate IItracer gas leak detection device。TracerMate II检测和诊断气体泄漏s and will interface with your mass spectrometer to provide the most accurate results. Tracer gas mixing options allow you to use anywhere from 1% to 100% tracer gas, as your application requires. This gas leak detection system works with various tracer gases including Helium, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrogen.

The Leaders in Gas Handling Technology

Cincinnati Test Systems is your number one source for gas handling equipment. When you need to detect and manage gas leaks, our systems deliver unparalleled performance along with innovative designs and superior functionality.

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