Integrated Flow Test Systems

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) provides integrated flow test systems that are engineered for accurate and efficient part testing. A CTS flow leak test system will help you ensure that your products conform to specifications and are properly sized to meet production requirements. Our functional flow test technology typically uses variations ofmass flowandpressure decaytest techniques to measure part functionality.

Efficient & Effective Flow Test Solutions

We offer a variety of standard Sentinel instruments for flow test applications. Designed for easy integration into your production stream, these leak test systems are typically configured for the type of functional testing the application requires. Depending on the size of the part(s) to be tested and the complexity of the testing geometry, we offer two control configurations: wall mount and benchtop.

The wall mountedSentinel Blackbelt Prois used for systems and for panel mount operation. Some cabinet models have more testing and hardware capabilities, such as multiple test ports, regulators, and I/O options.

BenchtopSentinel Blackbeltinstruments have a smaller footprint, but still offer four-port testing capabilities and test, flow, and pressure options.

Flow Test Systems for Medical Devices

TheSentinel Blackbeltline is ideal for flow testing medical devices. These leak test systems include special enhanced features that are uniquely-suited to medical part testing. Sentinel Blackbelt instruments can be configured with four test ports that are capable of running multiple test types from one control, and with connectivity options to run four tests without changeover. They can also be customized to provide pressure and/or vacuum tests from the same instrument.

Flow Test Systems

Custom Flow Test Instruments

Cincinnati Test Systems can provide custom-tailored flow test solutions for nearly any project, from basic tabletop systems to fully automated multi-station systems that provide part movement, part marking for SPC part identification, and progressive multi-part station tests within the test cell. Custom instruments are specially designed for easy integration into your production line for fast and effective flow testing.

All custom CTS systems collect, store, and download complete and accurate data for SPC analysis.

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CTS has been delivering innovative, high performance leak testing systems for more than 35 years. We have the effective, efficient flow test solution you need.app华体会网址 for more information or to discuss your flow test requirements.