For more than 35 years, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has been a leader in the design and manufacture of leak testing systems, including flow test instruments for a variety of applications. We provide some of the industry’s most reliable and effective flow test solutions, and will work with you to develop a high performance leak testing system that can be easily integrated into your production processes for complete, in-house testing at your facility.

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Flow Test Options

CTS designs and builds flow test systems utilizing a range of standard flow test techniques. Based on your application and product requirements, we will help you select the best option for your needs. Our flow test options include:

Flow Testing

Our basic flow test technology uses a mass flow meter to determine the rate of a fluid or gas flowing. Flow testers are typically used for calibration, occlusion testing and critical flow requirements. This technology is also commonly used in leak detection instruments.

Flow Path Size Testing

This reliable and accurate flow test technique is used to determine restrictions in the test part. Flow path size testing technology is suitable for use with pneumatic and hydraulic media.

Flow Leak Testing

Widely used for larger volume or highly elastic parts, CTS’ flow leak detection instruments measure and record the flow of makeup air/gas required to compensate for air/gas loss from a leak at a constant pressure over a fixed time period. Here are variations of flow leak testing:
  • Mass Flow
    This test method utilizes the flow meter calibration to report the measured flow rate.

  • Mass Flow Leak Standard
    This test method utilizes an instrument calibration process with a known flow leak standard and non-leaking test part to read nearly zero by removing test system noise conditions.

  • Differential Mass Flow Leak Testing
    Our differential mass flow leak testing systems are similar to mass flow leak standard testing technology, but utilizes a reference volume of similar or exact design or volume of the part under test to help eliminate additional flow characteristics that are not associated with a leak, such as part expansion/compression and thermal conditions. This flow test method allows more stable test pressures of makeup air during the test, and typically offers improved repeatability.

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