Make your data work for you
Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are on the minds of manufacturers and other industrial organizations. The potential to make practical use of the Big Data that has overwhelmed these companies for years is enormous—and the challenge is daunting.

At CTS and Sciemetric, data is in our DNA. Our solutions for Data Management connect industrial systems and assembly processes with real-time data collection software to provide insight that is data-driven. And that means improved quality, higher yield, and greater productivity

Collect the right production data
QualityWorX可以从几乎任何测试或任何类型的数据process and consolidate it in a single, centralized database, organized by serial number. With Sciemetric’s manufacturing data management system, data is easily recalled from the database for re-analysis later—which is key to solving production problems when they occur and optimizing tests and processes