Cut seals, also known as non-molded seals, are generally flat with a round cross-section. Non-molded seals have a sold or hollow center and are used to seal components in pneumatic and leak testing applications.

Cincinnati Test Systems offers cut seals in a standard durometer range of 30A to 60A which range in thickness from .125 to .750 inches. We offer cut seals in several diameters and use high-grade urethane materials for a durable and long-lasting seal. Pleaseapp华体会网址 for cut seals requiring durometers of 70A, 80A, & 90A to verify the applicable seal sizes and thicknesses in these durometer ranges.

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We offer cut seals in several thicknesses and diameters to meet your leak test sealing requirements. Request a quote today orapp华体会网址 to learn more about our otherindustrial sealproducts.