Custom Leak Test Connects

When it comes to leak testing, having a tight, reliable connector is of the utmost importance. Without a proper fit, your leak test results can be unreliable, leading to faulty products in the field.

Using our CTS Connect® line, we offer a wide variety of custom solutions to ensure the best seal for your application, including designs to accommodate non-round, irregular-shaped ports, and custom face sealing designs to accommodate inconsistently shaped test parts and components. We offer solutions for OD (outer diameter) and ID (inner diameter) sealing, with pneumatic and manual options.

A tight seal every time with custom leak test connectors and seals

There are a variety of reasons manufacturers require custom leak test connectors and seals. It could be a clearance issue; the part you’re trying to seal doesn’t have enough clearance around the port for a standard connector to fit securely around it. It could be a sizing issue (the area of the part where the connector needs to be placed is too long/short or too wide/narrow for a standard connector). It could also be an issue of irregular-shaped ports.

No matter the problem, CTS Connect® offers a solution with custom connectors and seals. We will work with you to determine why a standard part isn’t working and devise a solution. Depending on the situation, we can make modifications to our standard parts, or design and manufacture wholly unique designs to suit your needs.

Below are some examples of the customizations we employ to get you the right fit.

Custom face sealing designs

Custom face sealing designs, with custom-shaped front nose piece cradles are often used when sealing non-round, irregular shapes. These designs capture and hold the part in place, enabling the seal to grip behind a larger end piece. The seal is mechanically held and fixed in place to provide a reliable seal that won’t pop off during test. This is a good solution, whether you are sealing an irregular shape, or the part you are sealing has a bulge or flare diameter at the end of the component.

Custom shapes for ID and OD sealing applications

We offer custom shapes for sealing ID and OD applications when you need to seal inside or around a non-round, or irregular-shaped item. The shapes of the seal can be completely customized to meet your needs and ensure a tight fit, including teardrop, oval, D-shaped, and other unique designs.

Dual ID and OD sealing applications

We offer customized sealing options for ID and OD applications that require dual sealing in the same test location. This could be an application that requires multiple sealing points along the same vertical, or multiple sealing points side by side. These sealing points can also be varying sizes. We will work with you to create a custom solution to meet your needs.

Examples of custom leak test connectors and seal solutions

CTS has provided custom connectors and seals for leak test applications across a variety of manufacturing industries. We welcome all inquiries for custom sealing requirements and are happy to work with you to make sure you get the right fit for your needs.
Below are just a few samples of problems we’ve helped our customers solve using custom CTS Connect® connectors and seals.

Sealing flexible hoses and tubes

A test application we see in the medical industry in particular is the requirement to seal on the outside diameter of a flexible hose, which poses challenges. To ensure a tight, reliable seal, we used a stainless insert to support the internal diameter of the hose to prevent it from collapsing during test.

Sealing three-way medical valve


Sealing behind a bead or tube form

This design employs a custom stainless spring latch mechanism to secure behind a bead or form on a tube end while sealing on the OD of the part. This is a fairly common application we see across a variety of industries, with each aspect of the design able to be customized to meet the exact specifications of your parts.

Sealing or testing medical luer fittings

CTS offers the CO31L for sealing and testing male or female luer lock fittings, particularly for medical applications. It is an air-actuated, face sealing style connector, featuring a custom-designed nose piece to hold the test fitting in place. This design utilizes our patent-pending and easy “quick-change nose” design, in which the nose piece quickly and securely locks into place to accommodate multiple luer fitting designs.

Trusted custom leak test connectors and seals from Cincinnati Test Systems

Superior sealing materials make CTS custom connectors and seals last longer than the competition. We offer a wide variety of options and sizes to make sure you get the right fit for your needs.

With unmatched customer support, our engineers make finding the right seal easy. We will work with you to determine what you need—and make it quick and easy to implement. Delivery time on custom connectors and seals is generally 5-6 weeks, with expediting options available, as possible.

Looking for custom leak test connectors and seals for your production line? Contact us!